Azer restaurant Supply & Design

   With over 30 years of Hospitality Industry experience, Azer's is a local company with a strong history of helping food service operators with their Equipment, Installation, Design, and Build needs. We supply a variety of products and services allowing us to be a single source provider for food and beverage operation owners and operators. We stock a complete supply of bar, cooking, refrigeration, and counter top equipment, as well as tabletop and small ware items in our warehouse, with delivery, and install if needed, when needed. We offer quick solutions when a piece of equipment is needed in order to continue operations. 

   Azer's have been privileged to work with a vast and varied clientele of food service facilities in the Coachella Valley and its outlying areas. Whether a high profile, high volume property, or a new business owner wanting to start a small, intimate property, we are here to assist you.  We are thankful to all our Customers throughout the years. Their Trust, Respect, and Acquaintance is cherished. 
Contact us. Whether you have a new or existing Food and Beverage facility, we can provide the supplies and services needed. And if not, we most likely can direct you where you can.